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App Description

Simply, ad block.

The military grade ad blocker is back, and is now available as an extension for Safari. Take advantage of iOS 9's new Safari Services framework by installing AdGuardian! No longer will you have to settle for a 3rd party solution just to block ads. AdGuardian allows for direct installation into your Safari browser, as an extension!

Our focus with AdGuardian was simple. We wanted to create an easy way for users to protect themselves against advertisers, tracking and malware, all while adding an extra layer of security around their data. Along with this, we wanted to rid the need for a constant VPN connection, as well as the hassle of changing browsers to a less convenient solution.

Introducing AdGuardian, the solution to all your ad-based problems. Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the extension, and that's it! No further setup or configuration needed. As soon as you refresh the page, AdGuardian will start filtering out all of the harmful, needless content, and provide you with a clean, ad-free webpage.

Take back control of Safari and secure your data, today.

Disclaimer: we will never take money from advertisers. This app's sole purpose is to block ads from all advertisers, regardless. The only reason we would ever enable ads is if they took away from a website's quality or functionality (in rare cases).