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Alpha Star

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App Description

Pilot the Alpha Star in it's ongoing mission to defeat the enemy squadrons plaguing the galaxy! Steer your ship in this top down shooter via your mobile device's motion-sensing (accelerometer) technology. Collect power ups to access the Alpha Star's various weaponry to aid you in your mission. Evade and/or destroy incoming enemies to achieve high scores. Earn all the ranking medals by continually achieving higher scores. Show off your skills to your friends by tweeting and posting your scores to the global leader board. Are you "Alpha" enough to accept this challenge?

- Fun immersive multi-axis motion-based (accelerometer) controls for steering your ship
- Challenging, fast paced, endless game play
- Cool retro inspired visuals that really put you in the seat of the ship
- Exciting music, VO and audio effects that will keep you hooked
- Global high score leader boards via Google Play Game Services
- Twitter integration to tweet your achievements and high scores to your friends
- 100% ad free for a seamless and unintrusive gaming experience