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Arnold The Squirrel Racer

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App Description

Is your busy and stressful life stressing you out? Escape for a while and go nuts in a cutesy kind of way by jumping into forest greenery and squirrel cuteness with Arnold The Squirrel Racer.

“How can you not love this adorable squirrel on a scooter?”
“Cute and forest-inspired interface!”
“Exciting, addictive, and very adorable!”

Arnold The Squirrel Racer allows you to hop onto a scooter with a fascinatingly cute squirrel and embark on an adventure in the forest. Enter the lush greenery and collect delicious nuts if you find any along the way. But beware! In the depths of the forest, threatening creatures tend to lurk. But who says squirrels are all about collecting nuts and no action? Outwit and outrun the enemies of the forest as you dash aboard your trusty scooter. Avoid obstacles and eliminate enemies with various arsenals. Can you help the squirrel on the scooter to runaway and safely keep his nuts or will the enemies of the forest get the both of you first? Combine cuteness and action in Arnold The Squirrel Racer!

- Play as three cute squirrels on scooters against three forest enemies
- Simple instructions with challenging gameplay guarantees to keep you playing for hours or more!
- Enjoy an eye-relaxing forest theme with nuts, trees, grass, and other nature-inspired designs
- Easy-to-navigate interface
- In-game items to help you through the game and add more action if you need it!
- Quick and easy to download