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AskMob - Ask, Chat and Meet People Nearby

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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Ask anonymous questions or post as yourself, get answers and post what's going on in your area. Meet new people by browsing who is nearby. You can also track your friends, family and co-workers in real-time on a map.

The different ways people use AskMob:
★ Ask anonymous questions within 11 miles of your location and get answers
on demand from people around you.
★ Create your own groups and follow their posts.
★ Give a shout out and ask if anyone is interested in meeting you for coffee.
★ Post your deepest confessions, jokes, News quotes and more.
★ Meet new people based on their posts, responses and location.
★ Chat using WiFi with people anywhere in the world (Even if you have no mobile phone coverage.)
★ Send a "Map Tracking" request and locate friends, family and co-workers on a map in real-time.

Posts are voted up or down showing what's popular in your area.

Oh yeah, and it's 100% free!