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App Description

AudioBoard is the affordable, extensible, custom soundboard creation app for iOS. Use AudioBoard for radio, theater, sporting events, music, podcasts, therapy - any time or place you need a personal multipage soundboard set with complete flexibility. Available in the App Store! Features include:
-Built from the core up for fast playback and board display.
-Tap to play, tap again to pause, two finger tap to reset to track beginning.
-Simultaneous or solo playback of any number buttons across audio boards.
-Drag arrange boards and buttons in Edit mode.
-Global stop all, pause/play all, fade out, crossfade, and piano mode commands.
-Audio boards are contained in “sets” for organization and distribution.
-Exceptional core audio construction and flat interface design.
-Extensible with Dropbox, Email, and iTunes® File sharing support.
-Runs in portrait and landscape on the iPad® and iPad Mini®.
-Large audio playback buttons and huge global command bar for easy control.
-Easy to use popover menus on board sets, boards, command bars, and buttons.
-Master volume quick slider and quickly accessible app brightness control for any lighting condition
-Plays all standard audio formats including MP3, AIF, WAV, MP4, and more.
-Time delay playback, loop control, start and end point control, encore (repeat) point setting, and more.
-Notes per audioboard and per button with tele-prompt mode for button notes.
-In-App purchasing of themed audioboard sets and special effects (coming soon).
-App settings include play on reset, hide button controls, track count up or down.
-Lock board feature so sounds don’t play when carrying iPad.
-Integrated help and quick start videos with direct feedback to us via social sites or User Echo™ panel.