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Automatic Card

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App Description

Automatic card is a simple and easy way to manage your credit card automatic charges. Made to keep track of your finances, every bill, donation, or fun thing that charges to your favorite credit card weekly, monthly, biannual, or annual. Simply program in the information, card number, account number, company name, company phone number, fax number, how often it charges, etc. and Automatic card does the rest.

It will give you a reminder that a bill is about to charge, so if your card is lost, stolen, or you simply need to update your credit card number. All your info is at your finger tips. No more forgetting to update an automatic charge causing disruption in your bill. No more need to spend hours looking for old bills for phone numbers, account numbers, or trying to remember everything that you have charging to it. It is done for you. If you loose a credit card no problem call the bank phone number you have stored in Automatic card and cancel it. Choose another credit card that pays that bill, call and update. So use your favorite card for airline miles, sporting goods, money back, you choose. And that extra time it will gain you......Enjoy it!