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App Description

Have you ever parked your car and forgot where you parked it and spent the next 15-30 minutes feeling frustrated wandering around trying to find it? You’re not alone as this has happened to almost everyone and some more often than others. What can you do when you can’t find your car? You probably walk aimlessly holding one hand up in the air while pressing your car’s remote control buttons over and over again, hoping to hear your car beep. That’s what most of us do, but now there’s a better way for you to find your car and it's called:
The AutoTalk App and it's FREE.

The AutoTalk App automatically saves your car’s parking location on your phone so you never forget where you parked your car. Then,
with one touch of a button, the AutoTalk App guides you back to your car
parking spot with state of the art mapping technologies and directions.
Yes, it really is that easy to find your car’s parking spot.
Here's How the AutoTalk App works:

Once downloaded, the AutoTalk App tracks your car’s parking location via GPS and guides you back to your car’s parking spot with directional
tracking features. All it takes is one click of a button on your phone and
the AutoTalk App will show you where your car is parked and the best way for you to get back to your car.

The AutoTalk App is a parking genius because it remembers where you parked your car and provides you with the best walking directions to get you back to your car quickly. No more getting lost or frustrated when you can't find your car.

The AutoTalk App works great in:

*Big Parking Lots
*Theme Parks
*New Cities
*Sporting events
*Malls and Shopping Centers
*An Unfamiliar Place
*And many others

The AutoTalk App can also be used to remember the location of your hotel, camping spot, boat ramp, bus stop, restaurant, apartment, theme park ride, beach spot, or any other location you would like to easily return to later. Never lose your way back to your car, or destination when you download the AutoTalk App. It's FREE so download it today!
The AutoTalk Voice App allows you to record your own voice and any important personal messages you may want to remind yourself about later, including where you parked your car. Then with one click of a button, you can listen to your personal messages by playing back the voice feature at anytime including when you walk back to your car. The AutoTalk Voice App lets you record and listen to your own voice rather than some automated computer voice, which can be more fun and entertaining. The AutoTalk Voice App also allows you to record notes and messages in your own voice to be played back later about anything you want, including important appointments, events, kid commitments, school, dates, work schedules, grocery lists, errands and ideas. Never forget where you parked your car or where you need to go, with the AutoTalk Voice App. Download it today for only $.99