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Category: Games


Ba-Bomb!: the most explosive puzzle game ever created! Tap bombs and watch them explode, chain react and fire up connecting bombs to create huge explosive combos. Fill up your punch cards for extra matches and boosts to your score. Go for a high score or ignore the scoreboard and simply blow up bombs as long as you like.

Featuring 5 fantastic game modes:

Normal: Starts off easy, but quickly escalates into chaos as small bombs, big bombs, rocks and boulders fall from the sky. Squidley and Brushy also come out to play, mixing things up for even more fun.

Timed: Fill the timer bar and move on to the next more challenging round of bomb blasting.

Twitch: Challenge your reflexes as you race against time in this fast paced game mode.

Aqua: Battle against the rising water to reclaim the magical Aqua Ball. When things get tough, exploding goldfish will help you to turn the tide.

Quest: Help Pengi the penguin save the land from the evil Thorg Empire. Journey from island to island as you use your bomb blowing skills to battle with weird monsters. Spend your gold at the shop to learn new skills and techniques so you can save the day.


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App Screenshot: Ba-Bomb! App Screenshot: Ba-Bomb! App Screenshot: Ba-Bomb! App Screenshot: Ba-Bomb! App Screenshot: Ba-Bomb!

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