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Baby's Brilliant

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App Description

Videos of every day life for babies and toddlers set to classical music, from the most beloved composers. The children learn while being entertained.

Toddlers and babies can learn their numbers, letters, animals and other educational concepts while being entertained by high-quality videos set to classical music! Your baby or toddler will enjoy viewing videos created by a mother of three, who knows best what it takes to quickly capture the imagination of a child. Videos are narrated by children, making them little stories babies will want to hear again and again.

This free app includes trailers for longer versions of upcoming learning videos, as well as soothing images combined with carefully chosen classical recordings that will help your child (or you!) fall asleep while enjoying a soft, relaxing nightlight.

* Trailers for upcoming videos and night lights
* Narrated by kids, for kids
* Classical music appeals to children and their parents
* Educational concepts clearly demonstrated
* Nightlight videos help babies and toddlers fall asleep