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Bisqup Live it up

Our Family

Nicholas Van Raalte (Founder & CEO)

Julia Van Raalte (Vice President & Designer)

Alex Van Raalte (Management Director)

Collectively the three Van Raalte siblings began to collaborate over the summer of 2012 with plans to liven the now fading photo editors and Browsers. Nicholas Van Raalte, began to work with his sister julia to design a smooth, easy and fun way to browse media on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr and other Networks.

Why Bisqup?

As a daily commuter to New York City, Nicholas was first inspired to create a new media sharing network that would keep up with the fast paced social media. Growing up using camera's and computers, Nicholas wanted to include expansive photo software within Bisqup. The Aviary Photo Software allowed editing with versatility and control. Bisqup will not settle for less than the best, and that is what Aviary is our photo editor of choice.

Where Are We…? Close

You are here, and were close by. We are located conveniently on the Hudson River twenty miles north of New York City.

Bisqup Plus
For a bit more, you get a lot more.
Remove all in-app ads with Bisqup +

Get special updates to new exclusive features and updates.

Members of Bisqup + get priority feedback and support.

Now you can easily browse social media quickly.
With Bisqup slideview, you can quickly browse all the images uploaded to Bisqup or Facebook accounts.

Swipe to browse your friends pictures, and sort them by their popularity or date to see the photo's you want.

Comment and Like friends pictures like never before with Bisqup to have all your activity posted directly to your networks.

A modern editor for the modern world.
Aviary photo editor lets users control all aspects of development in Bisqup. Buy Aviary's photo bundles to gain access more than 30 awesome effects.

Simply take a photo and add a Aviary effect or manually edit the picture settings to get your images perfect.

Develop Images like never before with the option to edit, crop, brighten, color, sharpen, and even add text or stickers. Share
You keep up with social networks. Bisqup does too.
Stay updated with the ability to post to, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and more right from Bisqup.

Tag your photo's with location & GPS by 4Square.