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App Description

Category:Food & Drink
‘biteappy’ is the most comprehensive searchable directory of restaurants with suitable menus for the entire plethora of dietary issues on a worldwide basis. Users can select their specific dietary criteria, cuisine type and geographical location and then search for suitable restaurants in the vicinity.

While it obviously covers the 14 allergens it also covers specialty diets including Vegan, Kosher, Halal and Paleo. Don’t worry if you suffer from multiple allergies and intolerances our search engine will allow you to select as many as you like.
1) Login in with Facebook/ Google + or a simple email
2) Users select their specific dietary and cuisine criteria and then search for suitable restaurants in their vicinity, wherever they are in the world.
3) Bite happy with ‘biteappy’

The app also offers simple translations in over 25 languages, so when abroad it can help users communicate their requirements more easily.

‘biteappy’ also offers a number of added features including:
- uploading photos when out and about in restaurants
- Are you a restaurant? Claim your listing and upload your menus
- saving your favourites with the click of a heart button
- Keep your preferred dietary preferences saved in Profile for nearby searches
- contribute to the ‘biteappy’ community by allowing users to add restaurants to the ‘biteappy’ database.
- provide and share feedback and reviews on places visited for others to benefit from.