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Blue Planet Tales

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App Description

An app for teaching history to children

Teachers and parents agree – children learn more when they are engaged and enjoying themselves.

In fact, recent educational studies reconfirm this. At Blue Planet Tales, we took the data from these studies and launched a new version of our app. This new version will captivate children as they absorb important historical events from some of the great civilizations.

• Dinosaur extinction, the great Pyramids, the Space Race, famous explorers, and others who changed of history…
• We change classic textbook lessons into children’s adventure stories with stunning illustrations and narrations performed by professional talent.
• We tailor the experience with three interactive narrative styles as well as questions and answers which follow each story to reinforce reading comprehension.
• After careful review by teachers and children’s speech therapists, our stories carry the KidSAFE Seal so you can be sure your child is learning in a safe, enriching environment.

Blue Planet Tales stories help children:
• Learn history, nature, and geography while having fun.
• Want to read at a young age.
• Discover a passion for historical events early on, before they are taught in traditional lessons at school.
• Experience the satisfaction of independent learning.

Thousands of children are already enjoying stories at Blue Planet Tales, so help us spread the word to millions! Let’s work together to improve learning for the next generation.