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Your device knows who you call and text and who calls and texts you... it also knows who you haven't been in contact with by voice or text, that's the magic! Preference each contact Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually or Exempt.
... this app harnesses that simple knowledge and puts it to work for you, it's that simple! ... You will receive a push notification if you fall beyond your selected time preference with that contact (out of touch) ... by being notified to easily connect with a simple push of a button it allows you to maintain contact and enrich your relationships and/or your wallet. Excellent sales tool! Will help all professionals, sales and service, to maintain contact with customers and clients EFFORTLESSLY, no memory needed.
You may easily Dust the unwanted contact as well with the push of the Troll to keep devices lean and free of excess and unwanted contacts.&
Finally the ability to change the app to NOT monitor text but only calls, therefore if you are only texting a particular contact the app will still remind you to CALL after your selected time preference passes to help you connect with your voice and enrich your soul regularly vs just texting with those special contacts.... it's so good to actually hear that laugh and remember who it is that we are connecting with afterall... The choice is all yours...