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Bridge Messenger

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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Bridge is the meeting spot for users to connect their social media networks with new and old friends or business associates. Primarily a messenger and social networking app, Bridge provides avenues to initiate friendships or build business opportunities. The Bridgefinder, a proximity search, allows users to connect with others nearby within 150 feet of their location with a click of a button.

Once connected or bridged, you can now view each other’s shared social feeds instantly. If a user is not within a 150 feet vicinity of your location, Bridge has a search feature that allows you to search by name or username. The Bridge app is simple and convenient to use by consolidating your social medias into one place saving you from having to share your usernames for each separate social media. You now only have to share one Bridge username to connect with another’s FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google +, Tumbler, Vine, LinkedIn, Twitch and SoundCloud.

You can choose to have a public or private profile ensuring your privacy when you want it or go public to share it all. Bridge allows you to choose who your top friends are through the favorites feature placing the selected person at the top of your contacts page. With Bridge's straightforward message feature, you are able to text, send/share photos and videos. You don’t even have to leave Bridge to post, view or share within your social media networks. We hope you enjoy your Bridge experience! So go out there and make new friends and acquaintances!

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can drastically decrease the battery life.