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Bubble Rival

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App Description

"This has to be the best bubble blast game I have ever tried." - Racerboy

"Not Your Average Bubble Blaster" - thescowlingcat

"Better Than Bubble Mania." - Maxheadroom

Prepare to ride the express train into Bubbletopia. Beat rival opponents and save the cute "Blubbles" from Count Weevil.

( '-' ) Bubble Rival Features ( '-' )
• Challenge new Rivals along the path to Count Weevil.
• Collect the cute "Blubbles" then use them against your Rivals.
• Explore Bubbletopia and meet new friends and foes along the way.
• Use Rainbows, Bombs and other special power ups for added help!

Are you ready to meet some Rivals?!

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