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App Description

ButlerTip is a social shopping app that helps you enjoy a new form of online shopping. Whether your a small business, a boutique owner or someone who is passionate about their regular garage sales, This app is the right one for you!
Here, you can help your friends find what they want and help them sell what they have, and the coolest thing about it is that after a sale we split our tip with you right down the middle.
The possibilities are endless, you can become a regular shopper, shop owner or a promoter. Save time on finding what you want or selling items you have by allowing us to hire your friends to do the job for you! You too can have fun earning our cash tips while you become the sought after fashion stylist or your friends personal shopper!
After all, no one likes to go shopping on their own, so here you are, the app that makes you take all your friends with you!

So without further ado, Use our app, create and run your own market of things and make some cool dough on the side!