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App Description

BuzzyBee was created for the community by the community. Our mission is to help users such as yourself save valuable time and frustration to avoid waiting in line at your favorite location such as a restaurant, department store, gas station and more!

We at BuzzyBee know how critical time is and we all know we do not enjoy driving to our favorite department store or restaurant only to find out that they are super Buzzy!

BuzzyBee brings that extra layer to Google Maps we all have been looking for! Real Time, accurate data to let you know, the community, just how Buzzy a location is.

It’s simple and easy to use! The app works with your phones’ GPS. Google Maps will show you the locations within your area. Just click, check in and let us know just how Buzzy your location is! We then compile that data into a simple, easy to read graph to give you a real time look right within the app.

Not sure the data is accurate? Just click the refresh button or let the auto refresh tell you every five minutes! Want to know when each location changes? Just click to receive updates in your phones notification bar real time to let you know someone else in the community has update a location or checked in!

Google Maps ensures you are getting the quickest path to your chosen destination with the least amount of traffic. Using BuzzyBee with Google Maps will help you decide what time and where to shop to save valuable time!

What are you waiting for? Come join the community! Help us help you to save valuable time without waiting in line anytime, anywhere, anymore!