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App Description

The fun of cardMatchKid is the full interactivity, the colors and ever moving characters, the music and different languages.

The first page introduces seven characters that will interact by touch and they will talk asking questions, and expressing feelings.
The language is set by choosing one of the 5 languages in the app.
So if you want to talk in Italian, you change in the ‘Italian’ version and the entire App will change accordingly. You can choose between English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian and have fun to repeat them! We believe it’s a playfull way to approach languages at a very early age!

cardMatchKid app consists in a main game, the matching game, a puzzle game and colouring activity. All this activities helps the child to use their memory skills, position and colour, and be manually skilled.

Our apps are created with secure protection from any external connections, so that the children and the parents can “play’ our Apps in full confidence of privacy and security, plus:
- No in-app purchases
- No third-part advertising.
- No social media

Let your child play with the game, listen and repeat different languages, go to bed and relax with the music, colour the characters.

Suitable for children 2-5 years old.