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CarQuiz Math Game

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App Description

Great for Math Practice!
CarQuiz is a math game for kids, where the player races around a track answering math equations. CarQuiz builds skills in:

• Addition • Subtraction • Multiplication, and • Division

The objective of the game is to get as many correct answers as possible. The game has different levels of math difficulty, and has features that allow the player to practice operators randomly or one at a time.

CarQuiz combines elements of a racing game with learning math. It is designed to be challenging as the player progresses. CarQuiz supports family sharing offering five different profiles to track player progress. Players can choose between different drivers, different cars, and different tracks.

Each game is 3 laps around a track for a total of 30 equations. Once the player begins the game, they will see their first equation. After driving through an equation, 3 answers appear over the road in the distance. The player swipes left or right to change lanes and drive through the answer they think is correct. Each correct answer earns the player one token. When 3 laps are complete, the game is over, the player sees their score, and can review the equations.

CarQuiz was designed so that a parent racing from one errand to the next, can offer their kids something to do in the car that is both educational and fun. Thus the name, CarQuiz. Each game takes about 5 minutes to play - perfect for keeping kids busy while driving around town.