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Casino Over Under

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App Description

Casino Over Under is an exciting new simulation of a newly invented casino table game. The app was created to get a following before releasing the game to casinos worldwide. We all know that in casinos they would not even allow a table game on their floor unless the house knows it's going to win. This is commonly referred to as the house edge. Most games have a house edge of 2% or higher. In a few games, such as blackjack, if you play optimally you can sometimes reduce that down to 1% but it usually requires a book to do so.

Casino Over under was created to give average players the ability to play against the house in as even a playing field as there has ever been. Players can play with a house edge under 1% and they won't need to memorize a book to do so. The house edge was calculated by Las Vegas statistical legend Don Catlin. It's a fast paced game that will frankly give players a better chance at winning then ever before.

Play the free app now before you play it for real in years to come!!