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Cave Face

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App Description

“We loooove the fun photo app. “Caveface” works beautifully, making the portrait photo of someone look as if he comes straight from the stone ages...” -- AppZapp

From the untamed imagination of YouTube superstar Philip DeFranco, it’s Caveface! Ready to go back in time and bring out your inner caveman or cavewoman? Wonder what you or your friends might have looked like during the Ice Age? Find out now!

Caveface de-evolves everyone into prehistoric cavemen, in seconds. Just open the app, take a picture of yourself or someone else, and the tiny cave people in the app will get to work!
Caveface everyone around you—parents, co-workers, babies, or even your pet. Just get a good front-facing pic and you’re ready to rock, Bedrock style.

Once you’ve chiseled a few Cavefaces, you can share them with your Facebook and Twitter friends. You can even send them to Philip DeFranco- he loves to keep an eye on what his cave mates are up to.

- Works with photos from your device, or Facebook albums
- You select how you want faces to change
- Caveface before and after photos can be shared through Facebook, Twitter or email
- Directly send to Philip DeFranco, right from within the app
- Cave-making process happens right in the app, no network connection needed

Join the #Cavefacenation today!