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The journey that the game proposes is not an easy one. You will have to pass obstacles and you will have to make the right choices. Not one or two, but ALL the right choices. Only then will you see what’s behind the golden gate. Good luck!”

CHOICE is not an ordinary game. It is about luck, intuition, patience and perseverance. CHOICE is a game inasmuch as life is a game. There will be obstacles and there will be disappointments. But the satisfaction of reaching the end will compensate for the hardships of the journey. Are you prepared to go all the way? Can you make all the right choices? You can only see that by playing the game!

All our lives we’re making choices. From the most simple to the most complex. And every time we choose, our lives take a different turn. The most insignificant decision may trigger a chain of events with outstanding consequences. So, the moment we make a choice, there’s one question that troubles our minds: “Did we choose right?” At that particular moment, we cannot know. But later, we will surely understand how inspired we proved. We shall rejoice or we shall regret. This is not a thing to be trifled with. So each and every time you stand before an important decision, you have to choose carefully. Because once you’ve made your choice, there’s no turning back!