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App Description

CloudFella: manage all your files in the a Boss !

Built from the ground up to take advantage of the booming cloud storage trend, CloudFella will dramatically speed up and simplify accessing Cloud storage services.

CloudFella will provide visual analytics about your footprint in the cloud and allow you to browse remote directories as fast as they were local.

CloudFella will give you an unified view of your data in the cloud with beautiful and interactive graphs: distribute your files across different online services and use CloudFella to access them from one single App. CloudFella will remember what files you have in the cloud and where they are, allowing you to quickly view and share via e-mail and social network, or print them with AirPrint.

Quickly search for files and duplicates across all the linked cloud services. Quickly identify your oldest files in the cloud, or the ones that are occupying more space. Keep copies of your most important files locally so to access to them when the network is unavailable.

With CloudFella all your your fingertips!