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Conquest & Glory

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App Description

• Play the most exciting strategy game for free!
• Fight with or against millions of online players around the world.
• Sweet tutorial helps you master the game quickly!

Conquest & Glory is an addictive strategy game. Starting with building a city, researching technologies, training troops, recruiting and training heroes; also you can crafting epic weapons with gem or rune. Forge a powerful alliance to wage wars. Finally, conquer and rule the empire.

Game Highlights
---Recruit historic heroes like Spartan or Caesar from the ancient time.

---Occupy the ancient relics to loot epic equipment pieces.

---Create or join powerful alliance. Do contribution to get free items, enjoy lots of previliges.

---Enhance equipments, embedded with gem and rune to equip on your heroes.

---Challenge dark dungeon to loot epic gears and items.

---Built-in SNS Farm provides necessary backup to your Empire. Also can get vouchers in the Wishing


---Abundant quests make the journey of ruling more interesting.

---Thrilling arena free to challenge, keep live, keep fighting, honor belongs to the ultimate winner!