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App Description

Copwise is an audio response system used to respond to police questioning. It uses 10 pre-programmed responses in order to communicate with law enforcement without speaking. Assuming the user wishes to invoke their constitutional rights, this app has all the responses needed to protect themselves against intrusive police questioning. Copwise also records the audio of the interaction, to be used for police accountability, and is evidence of the interaction. If you wish to invoke your constitutional rights during a traffic incident and record the situation, Copwise is your best tool!

By using a mobile device for communication, the user eliminates potential emotional stress and hostility that can happen during roadside interrogations. Traffic stops can be stressful and may trigger hostile emotions that may lead to “saying the wrong thing” to the police, which can be used against you in a court of law. By using Copwise, the user reduces the risk of incriminating themselves, and has evidence of the encounter.

Inform yourself of your rights in the Resources section and get tips on the best ways to handle traffic stops, or any other law enforcement encounters. There is also a place to store your Driver’s License, Registration, and Insurance information, just in case you forgot it! This application also has a “Spanish” setting that converts the text to Spanish and is used as a translation device for people who speak English as a second language.