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Count Dracu and Friends

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App Description

"Count Dracu and Friends" is an early-learning app for kids, featuring Count Dracu - the friendly vampire from Toronto. Join Count Dracu and his lovable, ghoulish gang of friends, as they take kids on an interactive journey while teaching them all about "opposites" - like tall & short, fat & thin, and the unique characteristics that makes us who we are.

Every page contains cute sound effects, fun animations, and enchanting music that comes to life with the simple touch of a finger. With the easy to understand navigation, your child will enjoy moving characters & props around, and giggle with delight to the off-beat humor that these fun-loving characters bring.

The app is made in Toronto, Canada, and so most of the characters in the app represent the diverse multicultural community that Toronto is known for. There's Howie (a Ukrainian werewolf), Raggy (a mummy who's family immigrated from Egypt), Yetsi (aka Yetinder the East-Indian Yeti), and many more.

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