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Daily Intake

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App Description

Category:Health & Fitness
WEIGHT LOSS is the focus of the Daily Intake application, with its easy, clean and simple design to assist you with your weight loss journey, ensuring your weight loss success. Lose weight with a balance diet of carbohydrates and calories. Avoid restriction of what you can eat and decrease the chances of cheating and discouragement, with this tried-and-true weight loss method.
Take charge of your weight loss journey, you decide on your calorie and carbohydrate intake for fast, or easy effective weight loss, perhaps maintenance is all you require the choice is yours with this free app. Download and start managing your daily intake immediately. Our application is unique and will offer significant advantage over available similar and competing products.
Daily Intake application will deliver the following customer benefits:
• Weight Loss
• Weight Control
• Nutritional Knowledge
• Health Improvements
• Emotional Improvements
• Physical Improvements
Find foods with the largest detailed verified nutritional food database, including restaurants, scan bar-codes and create your own nutritional panel for future use in your “my foods catalog”.
The grocery store database carries thousands of items from over 20,000 grocery brands with coverage for over 92% of grocery items in the U.S. and Canada, with over 400K grocery items with UPCs/GTINs from the US and Canada currently supported, over a 100,000 restaurant items and over 20,000 common foods always adding and updating additional items monthly.
Our comprehensive restaurant database carries hundreds of restaurant chains which are monitored to detect new and changed menu items, which is updated frequently. Get the pro version which will disables annoying adds, enables the scanner for quickly catalog entries.