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Digital Chaperone

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App Description

+ Digital Chaperone: an integrated technological/educational solution to the challenges of digital parenting.

+ Parents can connect their childrens' phone/devices with their own via the DC technology

Free version of the DC App includes:

+ system for parents to manage and supervise the apps installed on each child's device.

+ an alert and GPS locator system allowing a child to send an alarm to the parent

+ simple programmable "time out" feature allowing parents to define set access times for app usage.

+ Currently free and we do not require payment details.

+The parent's phone is not monitored.

+Phone numbers of the parent and child device are required for registration and installation purposes only.

+The app needs to be installed first on the parent phone and then individually on each child's device.

+Installation process is fully covered in the video, recommended to view before starting the install process.