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App Description

Elfies, the fun new way to share in the world wide holiday tradition, Elf on the Shelf. Our view on it, is let's add some more laughs by putting our faces and those we love on this hysterical elf! Opening up the world of Elf on the Shelf to all users, with the added enjoyment of personalizing each elf with a face known to you. Being able to create, customize, edit and share all of the lovable and laughable adventures of Elf on the Shelf is just another way to enjoy your day and brighten the days of others around you. What better way to share a selfie with another over your holidays than with an Elfie! Also, for those of you who really enjoy the extra naughty adventures of Elf on the Shelf, the adult version "Naughty Elfies" will be available for download soon!

Developed by Zapporoo
Founded by 5Nuggets, a family App co. by Collette Dotson