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App Description

Category:Health & Wellness
Turn your smartphone into your very own Wellness Companion. Just log an activity and talk about it.
Emotions affect our wellbeing and have a profound impact on many aspects of our lives. Empath empowers smartphones with the ability to measure your emotions, track your moods and correlate them to your daily activities..
It can even spot emotional trends which you may otherwise overlook and better identify how different activities affect your emotional wellbeing over an extended period of time.
Based on 20 years of research, Beyond Verbal’s patented Emotions Analytics technology automatically identifies your emotional state as you speak based solely on the tone of your voice – without the need for subjective and confusing self reporting of ones perceived emotions. Empath does that all automatically. Just choose an activity and describe it in your own voice.

By simply speaking into your smartphone, (regardless of the language) Emapth identifies and construct an on-line emotions map of your prevailing mood groups. The app correlates these emotions based on various lifestyle activities and events or, according to a specific time and day and tracks, logs and charts you’re various emotions.

Empath’s seven mood groups which consist of: Angry, Frustrated, Enthusiastic, Happy, Cool, Worried and Sad, are derived from a combination of more than 400 complex emotion variants.

Empath Features:
• Easy Activation: speak into your device for at least 30 seconds, or more.
• Activity Menu: Choose from the following: Sports, Working, Eating, Socializing, Resting or Other.
• Real-Time Emotion Identification: Empath automatically identifies and charts your emotions map of your prevailing emotion groups.
• Record: Emotions map are recorded in a digital diary which includes the date, time and activity.
• Track: You can track and compare your emotional state across daily activities from running to eating to socializing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
• Language Agnostic: Empath’s technology identifies tone of voice, regardless of the spoken language

User Instructions:
1. Select an activity
2. Tap the record button and talk for at least 30 seconds
3. Tap the record button again and the Emotions Map will be revealed automatically
4. Verify the dominant emotions by selecting the checkmark (or the X mark)
5. You can compare your mood to other dates
6. Go to Activity Log to see how you felt doing different activities over time
7. Repeat throughout your daily activities to create a comprehensive emotions tracking diary.

Empath, the app for people who are passionate about emotional well-being.