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English On The Go

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App Description

English On The Go is the world's first SNS based English Learning App.
Innovative Platform for both English teachers and learners.


• English teachers can post lectures in the easiest way imaginable.
• Create, post and share lectures on the mobile wherever you are.
• Bite-sized lectures which deal with a certain theme are provided.
• Learners can ask and answer English questions, mutually benefiting each other.
• Share English expressions with other learners as well as with your followers.
• New expressions from subscribed themes will appear on the user's feed.
• Find people to follow based on the expressions and lectures posted by them.
• Archive lectures and expressions in Notebook.
• Your feed becomes more personalized, the more you use it.

Sophisticated feed algorithm of English On The Go provides personalized and customized posts to individual users based on their language, themes, following list, search history and other metrics.

English Teachers!
Make yourself known to the world and gain publicity. Go to

English Students!
Learn English for free from teachers all over the world who are delivering lectures of diverse themes. They are posting lectures on the spot where the expression is used.

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