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Express Yourself Ecards

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App Description

Tired of being misunderstood? Wish you knew what to say and how to say it better? Express Yourself E-Cards help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, and find the perfect words to communicate them more effectively.

The Express Yourself E-Cards app is an ingenious communication tool for transforming relationships. It consists of 10 carefully constructed E-Cards that address 10 different topics people have trouble talking about.

Each of the 10 E-Cards consists of a sequence of fill-in-the-blank questions and checklists. This combination allows you to create a unique and personal E-Card that maximizes your chances of being understood.

But there's more. Completing the checklists takes you on a journey of self-discovery. That means that even if you never send an E-Card, you'll benefit from the process.

Although many of the choices you’re given on the checklists won’t apply to your situation, some of them will. And those will cause an unmistakable shift in your body that says: “Yes! That’s it!” That’s the feeling we get each time we find words or phrases that match our experience.

Here are the 10 cards:
• Ouch!
• Sorry.
• Thanks.
• Can I be honest?
• Talk to me!
• Please listen!
• I have a request.
• I’m loving you.
• Can you help?
• Want me to appreciate you more?

Here’s how they work.
• Pick whichever card fits the situation.
• Fill in the blanks and choose from the checklists on the card.
• Preview the card and edit it as much or as little as you wish.
• Add a photo.
• Hit Send.
• The receiver gets an email with a private link to view your card.

What makes Express Yourself E-Cards special?
• They’re not generic. Every card you send will be unique.
• They go deep.
• They are fully editable. You can add, delete, or change anything before sending.
• They increase self-awareness and self-confidence.
• They increase emotional fluency.
• They make it easy to talk about difficult topics.

Who can benefit from using them?
• Couples and anyone in a relationship.
• Parents and kids.
• Engineers and computer nerds.
• Speech therapists and occupational therapists.
• Psychotherapists, school counselors, and teachers.

Will the app work for someone on the autism spectrum?
Although it wasn’t designed specifically for this purpose, the Express Yourself E-Cards app has proven to be an amazing communication tool for high-functioning adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum. For those who have trouble reading or writing, checklists can be read aloud and completed by a parent, teacher, or friend.

About Betsy Sansby, MS, LMFT, creator of Express Yourself E-Cards
Betsy is a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years experience teaching couples and families how to communicate better. The app worked so well with her clients, she decided to make it available to everyone.