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Fact Triangles

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App Description

Practice math facts 1-12 using Fact Triangles. Set the problems to practice in sets of 5, 10, 20, or 25. Practice all facts by selecting the addends or factors from 1-12 or focus on these sets (2, 3, 4); (5, 6, 7); (8, 9, 10); or (11, 12). The iPad version allows makingindividual choices for both addends and both factors. At the request of Kindergarten and First Grade teachers, included an option to create problem sets with Sums 1 to 5 and Sums 1 to 10. A

The sum or product is always placed at the top of the triangle. But, the fact family member you must identify can be any of the three members.

Feedback is provided as each problem is attempted. After each set of problems is completed, the total number correct, missed, and the time used to complete the set are displayed. On the iPad version you'll see all of your problems and answers. On the iPod version, you can see up to 11 correct and 11 incorrect responses.

The screen shots are from the iPad version.