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Fade Messenger

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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Fade Messenger is a free smartphone messaging app that gives you TOTAL control and protection over EVERY aspect of your chatting experience! Regret sending that text? No problem! Simply Erase any sent text, photo or even entire chats and instantly remove them from your phone AND the other person’s phone at any time! Control which texts you send can be copied, shared or saved. Turn on Fade and add a self-destructing timer to your texts. Total screenshot protection. Messages are instantly removed from our servers once delivered! Turn on and off any of these features whenever you want. As a result, you can chat with total confidence knowing you are always protected at all times.

Take Back Any Text
With Fade, you can Erase any text after the fact and we’ll immediately remove it from your phone and the other person’s phone. It’s as if you never sent it!

Erase A Conversation
You can also Erase an entire chat and permanently remove it from your phone and the other person’s phone, instantly. It’s as if the conversation never happened.

Regular & Fading Chats
Sending something sensitive? Switch to Fade Mode and add a self-destructing timer to your texts before you send them. This guarantees permanent destruction on both phones.

Stay In Control
With Fade’s unique copy settings, you have total control over which texts you send can be copied, pasted, and saved. This provides total protection over anything you send!

Screenshot Protection
Get immediate notification if someone takes a screenshot, choose to have the entire chat Erased, and you can even hide your name in the chat window for ultimate protection.

We Don’t Save Anything
As soon as your texts are delivered, it is removed from our servers instantaneously – forever. With Fade, YOUR chats are YOUR property.

Free And Easy To Use
Download Fade for free and enjoy our simple signup process. Gain easy access to all of your friends and instantly connect in seconds!

Chat Free Over Data
Fade works over your data connection, so you avoid additional SMS carrier charges. This is a HUGE benefit when chatting with friends overseas!