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Intimate Fireplace




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Category: Lifestyle


Looking to snuggle up to a warm and cozy fireplace? Then look no further as we have the PERFECT app for you!

Game Scorpion Inc.'s Intimate Fireplace app is one of the best fireplace app's that allows you to display a full size fireplace right on your iPad or iPhone!

The full version comes with over 10 different fireplaces to choose from and even includes various musical backgrounds and authentic fire crackling sound!

To add to it with Airplay Mirroring, you can even take the fireplace and put it right on your big screen!

Perfect for special occasions, this app is SURE TO PLEASE!

This app is great for:
-Valentine's Day
-Cool Summer Nights
-Get Togethers

Serenade your sweetheart in a car!

Set the mood on a BUS!

Never miss home again as a warm cozy fireplace is always near!

And if you're living in a condo or apartment building then this app will DEFINITELY give you that homely feeling!

What do you have to loose?

Download this amazing app today!

-Over 10 Full Fireplaces
-Using Airplay Mirroring, you can display any of the fireplaces onto a large LCD or Plasma TV!
-Various musical backgrounds
-Authentic fire crackling sounds
-Indoor and Outdoor environments
-Full 3D Fire and Fireplaces!
-Calming and Soothing
-Great for various holidays and special occasions


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