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5 Star App Store Review by YouLookGreat! – May 3, 2015
“When you first get into Fireside, it’s like moving in to a new apartment. It’s simple and clean. And yeah, it might be a little quiet til you invite some friends over. So you hang a little something on the wall, decorating the new place you just moved into. It starts to look like you, and it’s all yours. And unlike the last place you lived (ahem, FB), this one’s not bugged and there’s no nosy landlord always snooping on you and selling your data as a condition of your “lease.” Welcome to your new life. Take a deep breath. Enjoy.”

5 Star App Store Review by TheQueensSpy - June 7, 2015
"A great alternative to Facebook and Instagram. The idea if paying a small fee for privacy is hard to accept at first, but then it makes complete sense: For the cost of 1 cup of coffee a month, I no longer have to worry about privacy settings or how my information is being used. Love that."

5 Star App Store Review by 2Fools - June 10, 2015
"Never been too big on advertising my life, but an expanding family with long distance friends and family demanded a fun, easy, and simple way to share with everyone in a private and yet still social way. My mother-in-law loves bragging with pics on fireside (easy to scroll through and select the connections of want to see) and babysitters use it to keep me in the cute loop. As a professional I don't worry about my information or my digital identity getting hijacked or being curated by anyone other than me. Thanks Fireside!!!"

4 words not generally associated with social media. Fireside is a membership only private social network for people who are concerned about their digital footprint and are looking for an alternative to the clutter of Facebook. On Fireside there is no advertising, no data mining or tracking and only the people you are directly connected to see anything you post. On Fireside you are a customer, not a product. Check us out. Invite some family and friends to join you and experience how it feels to share life without the distractions of advertising or the worry that your data, personal information and pictures of your kids are being mined, sold or abused.


Join Fireside in June and we will set your membership to lifetime free.