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Fit Weightlifting

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App Description

Category:Health & Fitness
Fit is your weightlifting logbook and automated calculator. It is the easiest way to keep track of your progress during your workout. To begin either create a workout with the exercises you want to do, or simply start your workout and add exercises as you go. As you workout, enter the weight and repetitions you do for each exercise. Fit will calculate the calories you burned, your one rep max, and the total volume of weight you moved.

Since everyone's workout is different, you aren't limited to pre-defined exercises. You can create any exercise you want and have it show up in your queue on the day you schedule them. Your exercise history can be quickly compared to see your progress in several easy to use graphs.

All of your health data will remain on your device. Fit stores the calories you burn and your heart rate (if you enter it) in the Health App. Fit will request the following permissions from the Health App:
- Active Calories (so we can record and display calories burned)
- Biological Sex (to more accurately calculate calories burned by heart rate)
- Date of Birth (to more accurately calculate calories burned by heart rate)
- Heart Rate (so we can record, display, and more accurately calculate calories burned)
- Height (to more accurately calculate calories burned from an exercise)
- Weight (to more accurately calculate calories burned from an exercise)

Here are some of our features in detail:


Active Calorie Burn Calculation

When you record an exercise we use the weight you lifted, the number of reps you did, your height and body weight, and the speed you perform the exercise to calculate how many calories you burned. In addition, if you record your heart rate between your exercises we will use this and your age to calculate the calories you burned between sets. A significant percent of your burned calories happen as your heart rate is still elevated between your sets.


Today Widgets

Fit currently has two widgets. The first one called "Me vs Me" compares what exercises you have done today vs the ones you did last week on the same day. Think of it as competing agains yourself!

The second one is a light version of your dashboard. It shows the number of exercises you have scheduled this week vs the ones you have completed and the first three of your exercise goals.


Workout Rotations

Some workouts have a week 1 & week 2 routine. Fit now supports this by allowing you to turn on week rotations. When week rotations are on, you can assign a rotation number to your workout that has a schedule. The exercises in that workout will only show up in your today view on that rotation week.



Working towards a target 1-rep max on an exercise? Track your progress more closely by creating a goal. You can set your target weight and add it to your dashboard for frequent viewing.


Unit Conversion between Imperial and Metric units

Do you ever go to a gym that uses imperial weights one day (lb) and another gym that uses metric weights on another (kg)? You are able to switch the units your app displays your exercises in to automatically see all of your previous exercises in either measurement system.