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Category:Social Networking
Follow4Fame app helps you to gain more followers on Instagram or Twitter by spending tokens to get featured on other user accounts. You can earn tokens by simply following other interesting users or buy them through in-app purchases to get more followers on your Twitter or InstaGram account.

You can browse quickly through accounts deciding to follow or skip users based on their profile pictures and descriptions. Simply swipe accounts to the right to follow or swipe to the left to skip. There are penalties for unfollowing someone too quickly which encourages users to choose who they follow more carefully.

• Sign into Instagram or Twitter
• Decide which users to follow or skip quickly by swiping left and right
• Penalties for unfollowing someone within 48 hours to encourage relevant followers
• Spend tokens to get followers on network(s) of your choice. Requires a minimum 60 token balance to start promoting
• Pop up notification when someone follows you.
• "VIP upgrade" to improve token conversion rate and remove ads

How it Works:
1. Connect on Twitter, Instagram or both
2. Select categories which describe the type of content you post
3. Earn tokens by choosing to follow a featured account, watching videos or buy them through in-app purchases.
4. Spend tokens to get more followers in Instagram or Twitter.

- follow4fame is a directory where users are classified based on what they post. We encourage you to only follow users you are interested in. We give you an opportunity to promote your account to our user community. It is up to the users to follow you or not. We cannot guarantee that other users will follow you, nor can we guarantee that users who followed you will not unfollow you later. The tokens system is intended to encourage other users to check you out and vise versa. We believe it is a fair way to encourage participation and activity.