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Food Ninja - The Beginning

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App Description


Get in on the pizza-tossing, chicken-flying, pudding-chucking, fry-shooting, ice cream launching multi-player action!!!

1. Challenge your friends to a duel in Game Center.
2. Toss food with the swipe of the finger!
3. Train in play mode to master ultimate swipe techniques
4. Choose your food and outfit in the Kit Store.
5. Switch between food using food icons.
6. Throw the food against the wind (opposite the direction of arrow) to defeat your opponent.

Check out what others are saying...

** Really cool idea! Play it every day for hours, and having fun! - AppleNextUSA

** So funny and so interesting entertainment! Good job! – Veronika.t

** CoooOoooooOoooOoooollll Lots of fun!!!!! Addictive, simple, cute. It's my favorite game now. I have already played for 3 days and I am not bored by it. It's success. :D :D – Jane Warren

** It’s so unusual! And food is so appetizing! There are a lot of bright and colorful pictures. Thank you for your work! – makarenkosasha

** Want to leave the food and fight with real ninja? In this game is possible. The atmosphere is awesome. I advise:)) – HolioYo

** So interesting game! I’m enjoy to play it. It’s so amazing!!!! – LuziaL

** Ever came back home from work feeling angry and frustrated at everything? Ever felt like opening up your refrigerator and taking out all sorts of food and throwing it at someone? Well guess what, this app is just made for you then, you can pick up various different types of food here. The standouts in this game for me personally was the fact that you have to take the influence of wind into consideration while playing, the various ninja outfits was a pleasant feature, also I quite liked the fact that the coins are not quite hard to obtain. Overall I enjoyed it. – George Brussels