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Go Go Armadillo!

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App Description

Squash your foes and save your babies! Go Go Armadillo is an epic puzzle adventure. Aim your armadillo and launch him into different enemies with various abilities. Can you complete every level in one shot?

✔ Beautiful 2D hand-painted artwork
✔ Over 90 puzzles of armadillo launching action!
✔ 4 zones each with their own unique puzzle mechanics and themes
✔ 20 SECRET extra puzzles to find and solve!

"This Game Really is a Work of Art"
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"It’s a new strategic puzzler that’s great for passing time by figuring out how to ping pong the armadillo to crush all opponents and free the babes."

"Go Go Armadillo is a fantastic new puzzle-adventure game that’ll have you rolling an armadillo around hand-crafted puzzle-like stages while smashing your foes and saving your babies."