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Goodbye Aliens Action

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App Description

Goodbye Aliens Action Platform

It is the year 2048. A big group of aliens came out through the wormhole into our planet earth, Zigor has invaded the earth. Everywhere is full of beastly aliens and they'll do everything they can to stop to you. Can one running and jumping man prevent the apocalypse? One single man against so many aliens and obstacles, how to get rid of the aliens?

The survival of humanity is in your hands!

Jump and shoot the aliens and save the humanity. This free game is an exciting action Retro style 3D-2D platformer - Goodbye Aliens and it is one of the most addicting games. Jump for coins, dodge the obstacles and kill enemy aliens as you make your way through the level. Challenges await you!!


Run, jump and shoot!

Get rid of beasty aliens.
Save the earth in this Retro Style Platform Game - Goodbye Aliens!!

Goodbye Aliens features:

· A Cute 3D-2D World!

· 11 addictive and challenging levels

· Cutting edge retro style graphics

· 4 different world themes

· Super simple controls

· Endlessly addictive