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Hashtag Roundup

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App Description

Hashtag games are word games where Twitter users contribute clever and funny responses to a common theme. For example, recent games promoted by Hashtag Roundup included #4BestWordsEver #ToonComplaints #ItsWorthMentioning

Hashtag Roundup creates, consolidates and curates the very best hashtag games on Twitter.

Earn badges and rank up against your friends with this easy-to-use app created by hashtaggers for hashtaggers.

Our unique push notifications when new games kick-off will take your competitive tweeting to an exciting new a level. You'll never miss another game again!

Are you ready to be an Ultimate Hashtag Warrior?

Other features:
[+] HASHTAG GAMES - Engage in the most recent twitter battles. New games added daily.
[+] NOTIFICATIONS - Get notified on your phone the moment a new game becomes active. Never miss a game!
[+] PEER-TO-PEER REWARDS - Earn or buy Golden Hashtags to reward awesome tweets from fellow Hashtag Warriors.
[+] LEADERBOARD - Earn points by tweeting and playing games. Top players featured weekly.
[+] BEST OF LISTS - The best and most hilarious tweets from each game are featured.
[+] LEVELS - Use the app and earn points. The more points you earn you unlock levels. Each level you unlock earns you Golden Hashtags.
[+] IN-APP PURCHASES - In addition to earning Golden Hashtags you can also purchase them to reward your peers.
[+] TWEET - Tweet directly from the app. Each tweet earns you points to help advance you levels and put you in contention for the leaderboard.

WARNING: Hashtag games are addictive.