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Hit the Spot

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App Description

Hit the Spot! trains visual perception and hand-eye coordination in a challenging gameplay.

The game is quite easy to learn, because there is basically only one rule: Hit the green spot and nothing else. However it turns out that this task is not easy, because there are still many same- and different-colored objects which appear and disappear repeatedly on the screen. So the player is confronted with a jumble of shapes and colors, in which it is important to maintain the concentration to identify the green spot. But the player should not take too much time, because the green spot disappears as quickly as it showed up. When this happens, the game is lost. Hit the Spot! combines classical game elements like Whac-A-Mole and arcade shooter in a charming retro style consisting of rectangular and round shapes.

* Improvement of visual perception and reflexes.
* Training of hand-eye coordination.
* Simple but challenging gameplay.
* Easy to learn.
* Compete with your friends.
* Charming retro style.