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Bet Your Friends

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App Description

In response to the demand for betting we developed a FREE mobile application for iOS and Android.

This app will allow you to ensure your friends doesn't back out on the bet. In addition Bet Your Friends allows the user to do the following:

- Customize Bets: will your favorite teams winning the championship, who will win fantasy football, will you kiss that girl…
- Customize the Payment: Shave you head, get a tattoo, drink a beer, cook dinner, take care of the kids
- The only sports betting app that allows you to put odds on the bets between your friends…2 to 1 beers…2 lunches for 1….
- Track who has paid: Did you friend pay their bet…or is your buddy a welcher…
- View Bet ideas for sports, golfing, drinking plus many others
- List of possible consequences for your bets