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App Description

- Accelerate Your Creativity -
ideaBoost is a powerful creative thinking tool for who needs ideas. ideaBoost supports your creative activity with smooth handwriting sticky notes, canvas, and various creative thinking methods. It is perfect for Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Planning, Organization, Storyboard.


-Handwriting Sticky Notes on Canvas
Sticky Note is very beneficial to generate ideas. ideaBoost is the best suited for a rough idea sketch. You can brainstorm with handwriting sticky notes. If necessary, You can use various idea creation methods and business frameworks. Sticky note is editable and movable. You can type in details with keyboard. Handwriting is also suited for drawing your idea as a picture and thinking visually. Keyboard type sticky note is also available.
Of course, Canvas is editable and zoom-support. You can insert PDF file or photo in canvas and export data to PDF file or photo from canvas.

Various idea creation methods and business frameworks are available.
To generate new ideas, You can use creative thinking methods, such as The SCAMPER Check List, The Idea Box, The Mandala Chart, The Phoenix Check List, etc.
ideaBoost enable you to brainstorm on business frameworks, such as The Business Model Canvas, The Empathy Map, The Blue Ocean Strategy, The SWOT Analysis, The 3C's Analysis, etc.
Of course, You can register your original templates.

-Web Brainstorming (optional, required login)
If necessary, ideaBoost enables you to do real-time brainstorming with other users on Web. You can switch cloud canvas mode. Cloud Canvas is editable at the same time by permitted users. SSL is used to connect The Internet. Let’s brainstorm with your friends and generate new ideas.

-PDF support
You can import a PDF file to a canvas and export data to PDF file from a canvas.
-Back up
You can create back up on cloud in case your device should be crashed.
-Share Canvas
Invite your friends’ opinions by attaching the canvas in email or posting it to SNS.
-Introduction to Creative Thinking
The support site introduces idea creation methods.

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