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Learn how to multiply 35x25 and find the cube root of 456533 in a few seconds without using a calculator! Dazzle your friends and families as you show off your amazing math talent. Learn these brilliant math tips and tricks and calculate at blazing speed!
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You do not need to be a math wiz to learn these math tips and tricks! Anyone can learn as long as you know basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Learn 54 Math Tips & Tricks:
✔ Multiply any number by 11
✔ Find Cube Roots of Perfect Cubes
✔ Multiply up to 20x20
✔ Multiply if one's place sum is 10
✔ Multiply in the 90's
✔ Double and Half
✔ Multiply and number by 10,100,1000, etc.
✔ Multiply any number by 5
✔ Multiply any number by 9
✔ Multiply any number by 99
✔ Multiply any number by 25
✔ Evenly Divisible by 2
✔ Evenly Divisible by 3
✔ Evenly Divisible by 4
✔ Evenly Divisible by 5
✔ Evenly Divisible by 6
✔ Evenly Divisible by 7
✔ Evenly Divisible by 8
✔ Evenly Divisible by 9
✔ Evenly Divisible by 10
✔ Evenly Divisible by 11
✔ Evenly Divisible by 12
✔ Evenly Divisible by 15
✔ Evenly Divisible by 24
✔ Square in the 20's
✔ Square in the 30's
✔ Square in the 40's
✔ Square in the 50's
✔ Square in the 60's
✔ Square in the 70's
✔ Square in the 80's
✔ Square in the 90's
✔ Square in the 100's
✔ Square in the 200's
✔ Square in the 300's
✔ Square in the 400's
✔ Square in the 500's
✔ Square in the 600's
✔ Square in the 700's
✔ Square in the 800's
✔ Square in the 900's
✔ Find 10% of any number
✔ Find 5% of any number
✔ Find 50% of any number
✔ Find 1% of any number
✔ Find percentages of any number
✔ Casting Out Nines Digit Sum
✔ Check Addition by Casting Nines
✔ Check Subtraction by Casting Nines
✔ Check Multiplication by Casting Nines
✔ Check Division by Casting Nines
✔ Identify the Greater Fraction
✔ Easily Add Fraction

Not a good at mental math? Do your work on the "board" feature in the app. Scribble. Doodle. Write.

Both students and teachers can benefit from the math lessons.

Learn how to do many of these math problems without using calculator, saving valuable time during important exams like the SAT, ACT, GRE, and MCAT.

Impress and inspire your students by displaying your impressive blazing math calculations!

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iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch