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I Wanna Be A Hero

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App Description


I Wanna Be A Hero is an exciting action Rogue-like game.
Follow our protagonist to challenge a monster-filled tower to prove himself a hero.
Brave through hordes of monsters, utilize your wits and skills to defeat your opponents.
Fight your way up and ultimately face the Master of the Tower in an epic showdown.

- Lovable and Quirky Pixel Art - We have slimes with moustaches.
- Real-time + Grid-based Rogue-like?! A new take that promises to be way more thrilling & challenging!
- Use your enemies to your advantage! Learn to dodge! Loads of interaction!
- Procedurally generated levels - Every play session will always be different!
- Mix and match from over 30 different skills to create your own unique hero. Play it your way!
- Featuring music and audio by the talented IMBA Interactive. Cheers for IMBA!
- No IAP! No Advertisements! 100% Game.