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App Description

We are a marketplace for the tens of thousands of idle planes and unused seats on the world’s finest private jets. We make them available as custom charters or individual seats – through a simple, mobile app.

JetSmarter is turning what was a luxury into the necessity.

Now you can hail a private jet at the tap of a button.
Search, book, and pay on-the-fly, straight from your mobile phone.

Two Ways to Fly:
Find a Flight - Existing flights that our members can book by the seat
Create Your Own - Schedule a flight on your own time by the seat or book a whole aircraft

Flying private is clearly better. Flying with us is the smartest way to better.

Near & Now Technology
Always connected. Always keeping you informed. Our empathetic JetSmarter App sends you instant push-notifications to announce available empty-legs and shuttle flights departing from your current location. Available flights appear in the app as a list by airports nearest you, and your “Frequent locations” may still be set for optimal flight routes.