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True Heroes 1781

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App Description

True Heroes: 1781 A History Mystery App--Blue Skin, George Washington’s favorite horse, and the Villagers will guide kids through a virtual Colonial Village. While kids search through the village for Items needed to complete a day in the life of a colonist, they will interact with exciting characters, play games and learn dozens of historical facts about George Washington and the birth of our nation while discovering that they too, are True Heroes.

-Discover several historical facts about George Washington, as you play in the colonial village.
-Mini Games, 2 Videos and historical facts enhance learning and keep kids engaged.
-Encourages kids to become leaders as they learn about the birth of our nation and a historical great, George Washington!
-Jolly Books provides free curriculum for grades 1-5 to allow for app use in the classroom. Available on our website!
-Historical information is researched, accurate and reviewed by our education specialists.

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