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Just the Facts

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App Description

Use Just the Facts is available as one download for iPod and iPad. Use it to practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts from 1 to 12 (use addends and factors up to 25 on the iPad). Set options for the facts to practice and the number of problems in a set. Select any combination of the four basic operations to work on.

In addition to selecting the individual addends/factors, included (at the request of Kindergarten and First Grade teachers) is the option to generate problems sets with Sums 1 to 5; Sums 1 to 10; Sums 1 to 20; Sums 5 to 10; Sums 10 to 15; Sums 15 to 20; Sums 10 to 20.

Switch the layout for a lefty or righty. In the iPad version you have the option to display tally marks for addition and an array for multiplication with each problem. Use sound effects or turn them off.

Feedback is provided after each problem is completed. A complete list of problems attempted is provided on the iPad version of the app. The total number correct and missed is provided in both the iPad and iPod versions. You also have the option to turn on a timer for each set of problems.